COVID Mass Hypnosis & Mass Formation

Could we indeed be experiencing a COVID mass hypnosis?

The concept of hypnosis is widely understood as the subtle manipulation of someone, perhaps a stage show for comedic effect. On the other hand, some people swear by it as a means to quit a bad habit, such as smoking, for instance.

Another theory is that the same techniques, when used for malice, can essentially hypnotize an entire population. Professor Mattias Desmet has postulated that the mental toll the COVID era has taken on the human population may indeed eclipse the biological threat the virus has mounted.

It would be hard not to describe society’s response to COVID as anything less than an all-encompassing action that touches on all areas of life. This is to be expected, given the grave danger ascribed to the virus. While certainly some have perished from this dreaded disease, is the response appropriate?

All human activity involves a certain degree of risk. A risk-free life is not a life at all. While I in no way suggest to live a careless, reckless existence, one has to be cognizant of the risks assumed in anything.

He also ties in various historical parallels to totalitarianism, which also shares some dark roots with the notion a society, or perhaps even the world, can fall victim to paralyzing fear that leads to hysteria, psychosis, and even submission to new norms of control and regulation that otherwise would be openly and violently resisted.

Another option I’ve postulated is that somehow COVID has created a new “religion” of sorts, with its own sacraments, rituals, liturgy, and hierarchy of authority. Our social media has even “canonized” certain topics and writers all while giving virtual excommunication to others.

Mattias Desmet discusses his theories about Mass Formation (Hypnosis) during the COVID era.

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