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Nurse gets ‘fired’ for not taking the vax.

Mass Hysteria and Covid-19

John C. Dvorak has written an excellent article on his SubStack about the dichotomy between “infection rates”, “cases” and such related to the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA compared to around the rest of the world. It’s a quick, fascinating read that’s well worth your time. You should follow John on his site at

Just the numbers… COVID-19 in Oklahoma on a Friday

Friday’s numbers in Oklahoma show no remarkable changes from earlier in the week, or from a week ago. There were 32,064 active cases in Oklahoma today, compared to 31,703 a week ago. The percentage of Oklahomans currently identified as a case is at 0.84% today, compared to 0.84% a week ago. The OSDH released the…

Just the numbers… COVID-19 in Oklahoma on 12/16/2020

I’m going to write a short update tonight on where things stand in Oklahoma on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. The total number of active cases decreased by 793. There are now 32,193 active cases in Oklahoma as of today. Lawton vs. Duncan Both Lawton and Duncan saw slight increases in active cases since yesterday. However,…

Oh no! Now Santa Claus has COVID!

This report from Georgia is horrified that a community’s Santa Claus has potentially exposed dozens of children to COVID-19. The report mentions that Old Saint Nick was asymptomatic, as well as Mrs. Claus.

Mayor Bynum is Disgusted

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum is “disgusted” at neighboring cities, who remain unnamed in this video. He is clearly taking a swipe at adjoining city Broken Arrow, for not passing a mask mandate.

Just the numbers… COVID-19 in Oklahoma on 12-15-2020

What does the COVID situation look like on this fine, snowy Tuesday across our state? Overall, the active case rate declined slightly. There are 33,008 active cases in Oklahoma as of today’s data release from the OSDH. This means that 0.87% of the population of Oklahoma is confirmed to have COVID-19. There were 13 more…

Two people discussing data on a graph beneath their hands

Just the numbers… COVID-19 in Oklahoma on a Monday.

I’m continuing to provide this data every day, along with some brief analysis and observations daily. My goal is to provide a clear and level-headed view of where things stand in our state each day with the facts on COVID-19 in Oklahoma. COVID numbers today As of today, there are 35,163 active cases of COVID-19…

Ivermectin. The COVID-19 silver bullet?

Explore the potential of a possible game-changer in the battle against COVID-19. Could ivermectin, a commonly-used drug, be the answer?

Two people discussing data on a graph beneath their hands

Just the numbers… COVID-19 in Oklahoma on 12/13/2020

Here is a look at today’s COVID-19 numbers in selected mask versus non-mask cities in Oklahoma. I’m looking for patterns that prove or disprove masks do any public benefit. The data so far is rather unconvincing. Oklahoma Mask & Non-Mask Major Cities Only Moore and Broken Arrow remain as Oklahoma’s largest cities without a mask…